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“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.” - Hafiz

And like darkness, fear is a bitter and powerful adversary, sometimes even disguising itself as a friend but an adversary nonetheless. And none of us are immune to its temptation.

As fear begins to trickle into our veins, deceiving us, and the last vestiges of joy seep from our bones, it feels…

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As I walked through the stately doors of the abandoned institution, I couldn’t shake the dismal feeling that overwhelmed me. Tendrils of energy brushed my skin — a tingling sensation, a vibrating impression of events long past. Or maybe not long past…Time is a funny thing, a mystery…

An occasional glimpse, a shimmer of another life, passed before my eyes — nurses tending to patients, doctors racing through halls, madness and genius intermingling at every level — a past that was somehow also in the present…both realities existing in the same moment.

I took a hesitant step into the long…

Content marketing for real estate is a game-changer.

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It’s 3 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon and you’ve been sitting in your 5-year-old BMW for a half hour. You’re waiting for your former classmate Meghan to meet you for coffee.

As you’re about to leave, a shiny new Mercedes pulls into the spot next to yours. The engine shuts off and Meghan steps out of the driver’s seat.

“Sorry I’m late,” she says. “My clients decided to make an offer on the last house I showed them so I had to run back to the office to draw up the paperwork.”

You walk around the front of your car…

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Prudie stood at the foot of her bed, a hand-embroidered handkerchief spread open in front of her. She rubbed her fingers gently over the light pink flowers and smiled wanly. She had done the needlework when she was just sixteen years old and had been so proud of how well it turned out that she had hidden it away all these years, never letting it be used for its intended purpose.

She took in a deep, shaky breath as a single tear slipped down her cheek. …

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Since when did you become fiction writers, taking liberties to alter facts in an effort to serve the story rather than serving the people like the reporters you’re supposed to be?

Report (key word!) facts only, please! Leave the fiction to the novelists.

People look to you for information, they trust you to provide them with facts (not opinions), and instead of honoring that trust, you abuse it in an attempt to manipulate emotions and push agendas, all so you can get higher ratings. Shame on you!

Do you really think we’re not on to you? …

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I’m no longer a member of the church I grew up in. In fact, we no longer see eye to eye on many things. And naturally, when the topic comes up as to why I left, there is a heavy focus on the negative experiences and theological differences. But I believe it’s important to also recognize the many gifts the tradition gave me, gifts that helped to shape who I am today.

Gifts I cherish.

When we struggle with the religious traditions in which we were raised, it’s difficult to think about the positive aspects. It’s so much easier to…

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Many people are now finding themselves working from home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and if you are one of them…thank you!), but transitioning to a work-from-home environment can present some challenges, and for some it can be a difficult adjustment.

I’ve been working from home since 1997, the age of dial-up internet and AOL, and while I was faced with many challenges that today’s workers thankfully won’t have to face, there are some universal lessons I’ve learned throughout the years that apply as much today as they did back then.

Here are 8 tips to help make the work-from-home transition a little easier:

  1. Workspace: Create a space in your home…

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As I sit here trying to hold firm the impenetrable force field I’ve created to keep panic at bay, I wonder how it is that something as innocuous as the grocery store could become one of my greatest enemies.

At some point, I’m going to have to send my husband out to grab supplies as I’m in the high-risk category due to pulmonary issues as is my daughter, my father, and my mother. …

Why I Write in Google Docs
Why I Write in Google Docs
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Deciding which word processing program to use when writing your book is a very personal decision, and with so many options it can be a difficult one. But after testing MS Word, Scrivener, Pages, and Google Docs extensively, I definitely have a favorite: Google Docs.

The other programs are good, great even in some respects, and they get the job done, but there are some benefits with Google Docs that, to me, make it the number one choice for writing my books.

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you the top three reasons I choose to write my…

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It was a weekday evening, an unplanned visit to a quiet beach. I sat listening to the waves crash against the shore. The night sky, pierced with fiery stars, enveloped the world around me. The salty sea air filled my lungs and clung to my damp skin as the ocean breeze whipped through my hair. And in that moment, I felt God…with all His power, His strength, and love.

I have seen God in the broken, the forgotten, the lonely. I have seen Him in the weak, the sick, and the injured. I have seen God in the newborn baby…

Jennifer L. Harris

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